Unloading From Information Overload – Part 1

Unloading From Information Overload

Well, it’s a little over a year from my previous post.. Ah, the best laid plans of mice and men… someone else said that once…

I have a consulting business that got so busy that I haven’t been able to do much of anything else for over a year now.  But, I’m on the wagon now and will do my best to post frequently…  I promise :). 

And that kind’a, sort’a introduces my subject for today… Information Overload… which leads to getting nothing done…

What is Information Overload?

Information overload is a problem that is pandemic in the internet marketing community today, especially among Newbies. 

What happens is you get so much information and are spending all your time “learning” new things that you don’t know where to begin and don’t have time to truly start anything on a positive note; let alone successfully finish anything you started.

In addition to keeping you too busy to successfully start and finish anything, information overload will cause you to “freeze up.”  That means that there is so much information in your head that you will have a hard time deciding how to go about doing anything. The result is that nothing gets done.

How Can You Know If You Are Suffering From Information Overload?

In the last year or two, I have been suffering from information overload’s kiss’n cousin, over commitment.  Either problem can be devastating to your success as an internet marketer. 

Either problem will absolutely kill your internet marketing business… And which ever problem you have, it will murder it with the death of “1000 Cuts.” … a very slow, painful way to watch a business die.

When you are suffering from information overload it may disguise itself as over commitment, or, visa versa. 

But, fortunately you don’t need to figure out which problem you have if it’s not obvious to you.  Because, both problems have pretty much the same results…  you get almost nothing done successfully.

Here are the symptoms that you might see with either problem… you might have some of or all 5 of these symptoms:

  1. You will find that you are constantly buying new internet marketing related products but rarely finishing the review/learning/implementation process on anyone of them.  You will very subtly begin to substitute the satisfaction you receive from buying a good product for the success that you actually need… you will become the internet marketing equivalent of a “Shopaholic.”
  2. You will suddenly discover that you know so much that you aren’t really sure where to begin.  It make you hesitant to start new projects; even if they had the potential to make you fabulously wealthy.
  3. You will find that you rarely finish anything you start that doesn’t have anything to do with your primary business (it would be your job if you still have a J.O.B.).  You may also find that you will sometimes actually pause in the middle of a project to go buy a new product and begin focusing on that.
  4. You may also notice that you begin to bounce from project to project trying to at least accomplish something and rarely make any significant progress on any one of them.  And, finally,
  5. You will eventually avoiding doing anything because the grim specter of such obvious failure will begin to tear you up inside… So you will avoid doing anything.

 As I mentioned above, information overload will frequently look like over commitment because both will leave you with almost no time to do what actually needed to be done to succeed.  And, both will result in item #5 and, trust me, it’s all down-hill from there.

Once I realized what my problem was, I did something about it.  And, it has the same solution as Information Overload. 

In the next post, I’ll talk about what you can do about it…

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