How To Make Google Ads

Did you know that Google Adwords is the most powerful way to get instant traffic to your website, blog or sales page that is available on good ol’ Planet Earth today?

I have used pay-per-click for years, since about 2002 or 2003, actually, and I have found that it’s probably the easiest, fastest way that there is to get ready-to-buy visitors to come to my pages. 

Before that I was trapped in what many people see as the uncontrollable world of SEO-based traffic generation. 

Suddenly, I was free…

… No more waiting days, if not weeks for the “bots” to show up.

… No more Search Engine rules changes.

… No more fear of being banned by Google or the other Tier 1 Search Engines. 

— No more fear of falling off the SEO Ratings Cliff… of being nicely situated on page one of the search results today and on page 973 tomorrow because of a minor change I made to a page.

And, YOU can discover how to do that too! 

You will learn that and much, much more, if you get your copy of Perry Marshall’s new book… the “Definitive Guide to Google Adwords 2010.”

As you will discover as you study Perry’s new course, pay-per-click advertising is easy to learn, quick to implement and a truly effective cash generator.  

Once you get the hang of it… the Sky’s TRULY the Limit!

Personally, I learned how to write Adwords ads from Perry Marshall’s original Definitive Guide To Adwords years ago.  And, it has been one of the most valuable training investments that I have ever made. 

It has returned many times what it cost me in COLD, HARD CASH… MOOLAH by any other name.

But, before I go any further, I need to warn you that I have some good news and some bad news to share with you. 

First, the bad news…

The course that I learned from is outdated and obsolete.  You don’t want to buy it to teach you how to navigate in todays turbulent, rapidly-evolving marketing waters any more than you would buy navigational charts from the 1950’s to guide you as you Captain your new 36-foot racing sloop…

Yeah, they might work pretty well most of the time.  But you wouldn’t know that they were wrong until you and your crew were sitting in you boat’s rubber dinghy watching your brand-spanking new 36-foot state-of-the-art racing sloop sink, bow first, off the sandbar that wasn’t on that old chart. 

It would be a disaster… just like it would be a disaster to buy old, outdated internet marketing course materials. 

Yeah, those materials would have a lot of good stuff… They’d probably be cheaper too… There’s no question about it.  

But just think of all you would miss… the Google-slaps (yeah, there have been several now), social media, bookmarking sites, blogs, RSS Feeds… Twitter, Diggit, Facebook, My Space… all the stuff to avoid… all the stuff that you do to absolutely CRUSH your competition and dominate your niche… you might not learn about any of it.

Think of the Thousands and Thousands of dollars a bad decision like that would cost you… not in money you spent poorly… but in money you never earned…

But, there is GOOD NEWS!

The GOOD NEWS is that Tuesday of this week (September 14, 2009), Perry launched a complete rewrite of his acclaimed “The Definitive Guide”.  It’s called the “Definitive Guide to Google Adwords 2010.”

Here’s some information about what’s in it… Here’s why the  “Definitive Guide to Google Adwords 2010.” is a “must buy!” 

 1) A lot has changed in the market – and with the 2010 edition we are providing 6 modules to increase the real value of this purchase. Those 6 all new modules are:

* “Affiliate Marketing” module with Amit Mehta

* “Content Network” module with Shelley Ellis

* “Just Getting” Started Online module with Kevin Thompson

* “Information” Marketing module with Ken McCarthy

* “Marketing” in the UK module with Chris Cardell

* “Copywriting” module with Michel Fortin

The modules are more than just an interview with an expert. We’re putting additional multimedia in a members area that will over deliver to buyers. PDFs, Video, MP3s.

2) A lot has changed on Google’s end – the 2010 edition is up to date to address those changes

To give you specific points of difference on the guide itself, here is a (partial) list of changes for the 2010 edition:

** Over a dozen brand new chapters covering things like the Content Network, Analytics, Quality Score, and the new interface

** Over 43 totally new screen shots

** Over 15 hours of brand new audio files (supplementary content included with purchase)

** Video presentations on targeted AdWords sections (supplementary content included with purchase)

** PDF documents and reports never released to the general public before – in other words, stuff from Perry’s private AdWords Vault.

** Niche specific modules that elaborate on how you can specifically use AdWords to profit in your industry. (Think modules for affiliates, info marketers, etc… )

** A brand-new “Beginner’s Guide to eCommerce” that takes Definitive Guide owners from zero to building a website, picking a niche, and launching and AdWords campaign profitably.

** And, of course, Perry and Bryan take you deep inside the AdWords machine, crack the code and reveal how to attract millions of potential buyers in a matter of minutes at the lowest cost possible. With all new tactics and insights, they’ve completely cracked the code anew.

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Make a lot of money today!


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