Getting Your Head Right

This section is about getting your head right.  The fact that you are interested in this does not mean that you’re crazy or that you’re weird or that you’re in some way inferior.

What it does mean is that I’m pointing you to the first real principle of success many of you have ever been exposed to.  The underlying foundation of operating a successful business is the mental attitude of the business’s management. 

In order to succeed in any business venture you must believe beyond any shadow of a doubt that you will succeed.  This belief that you will succeed is foundational.


It’s really quite simple.  If you do not believe that you will succeed you will be unwilling to do what it takes to succeed.  It’s just human nature.

So the main thing that we are going to deal with in this section is your belief in yourself.

Perhaps the best place to begin this to ask you a very fundamental question:

Do you really believe that you can succeed at anything?  I can’t look inside of your head and see if you’re being honest with yourself.  But, you can.

If you are on this web site it’s my basic assumption that you do in fact want to succeed and you are looking to learn how you can do that.  It is absolutely essential that you be honest with yourself at this point.

You have no idea how many people who say they want to succeed do not believe that they can ever succeed.  But, you can, if you will simply believe that you can succeed.

 Let me tell you a story about myself.

When I was a young man, before I started my first successful business, I would dream of being in business for myself.  I would try to start businesses on the side and get them going.  To be honest, most of them were more trouble than they were worth.

I refinished furniture.  I painted houses. I even roofed a house. 

Most of it was not fun. 

Most of it was not successful. 

I made a little bit of money.  Not a lot.  But enough to keep the dream alive.

Is that where you are at?  If it is, let me encourage you.  You CAN do it!… I did and YOU can too!

And, through it all, I knew without a shadow of a doubt; without a moment of hesitancy; without wavering… that someday I would get it right and I would start a successful business.

And, do you know what?… I did.  I eventually started a successful, profitable consulting firm that I was able to sell for a considerable amount of money two years after I started it. 

I was able to do it and I believe that you can too.  But, you must change the way you think about yourself, about your relationship to the world, and about your future as a business leader.

I will guarantee you that you will never succeed in an Internet business until you have developed a deep, heartfelt, unshakable, unchangeable, highly focused, laser targeted vision of yourself succeeding.

And it doesn’t stop there.  You can never let other people tear down or destroy your vision.  Let me tell you another story from my own life.

When I was in my formative years, when I was training and I was hoping and I was trying out different things to try to start a successful business, people were constantly getting in the way of my vision.

And, it wasn’t strangers or casual acquaintances that were always trying to rain on my parade.  It was always the people that were closest to me…  my friends, my wife, my mother.

My mother especially.  I remember quite vividly some of her not so subtle “subtle” questions about whether that was really what I wanted to do.  I’m quite sure she intended to burst my bubble.  Most people resent successful people even if they are not consciously doing that, they still resent them.  

As a result they constantly try to make people who believe that they just might be able to succeed change their minds and not try.  I believe it’s because they feel better about themselves if no one they know is able to succeed where they have failed.

But, I never let her do that.  It just made me mad.  And it firmed up my resolve that I would succeed.

And, I expect, based upon what other people have told me happened to them, that you will probably run into the same things like I did, too.

Your response?  It should be the same as mine was:…  I got mad and I tried harder.  That is simply what you must do.

Here’s the end of the pep talk: you can do it!  You can succeed!  But you must take action!!!

Remember how I started out this section?  One of the first things that I said was that if you do not believe that you will succeed you will not take action.  This is perhaps one of the most powerful concepts on your road to success.  It is something that you must recognize.

Action is the key. 

If you are constructed in such a fashion that you can take action, even if you do not believe, then chances are ” fair to middling” that you will actually succeed.

Unfortunately, even if someone who does not believe that they will succeed begins to take action that is appropriate to success, eventually they will stop taking action. 

They will always have some story, some excuse, or some other reason why they were unable to succeed…  Quite frankly they will fail because they believe they will fail or, at best, they do not believe that they will succeed.

Actually, most people do not realize the power of their minds.  Even Jesus Christ talked about it in the Christian Bible.  He said ” As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.”

Right now, I want you to do an exercise. 

To be honest, I learned this exercise from a quite famous Internet marketer and business consultant by the name of Tony Robbins.  First, let me say that if you have a physical balance problem; if you are in any way, shape or fashion physically weak or unable to do the exercise as I describe it, do not do it!

Here’s the exercise…

I want you to stand up and stretch out your right arm straight in front of you, parallel to the ground with your finger pointing at something in front of you.  If for some reason your right arm won’t allow you to do that, use your left arm and turn to the left where I say right.

Then, I want you to begin to turn your body and, while keeping your arm in the same relative position to your shoulder and your upper body, turn your body as far to the right as possible.  Note where your finger is now pointing and relax.

Now, cover your eyes with your left hand and close your eyes behind your hand.  Now I want you to imagine you are turning your body as you did before only this time focus and concentrate and imagine your body turning to at least twice the distance around the circle as you did the first time.

If the first time you ended up pointing to the 3:00 position, now imagine yourself pointing to the 6:00 position.  If the first time you ended up pointing to the 4:00 position imagine yourself pointing to the 7:00 position and so forth.  Believe that you can do it… believe that it is so.

Keep your eyes closed and point out in front of you as you did before. 

Begin turning.

Keep turning and when you can turn no further.  Then, open your eyes.  And, look at where you are pointing. 

I would be willing to bet money, assuming of course you do not have a physical problem of some sort, that you were able to turn much further the second time. Almost twice as far if not further.

My point?

My point is this.  Your mind is much more powerful than you probably believe it is.  If you will let it (by feeding it with positive reinforcement), it will help you succeed beyond your wildest expectations. 

It’s up to you. 

Most people feed their minds with images of low self worth, failure, and lack of success.  Don’t you be like that.

Feed your mind with the kindling of success.  Imagine yourself succeeding.  Imagine yourself living the life style that you wish you could become accustomed to.  See yourself overcoming obstacle after obstacle and generating success after success. Do that every day of your life.

See yourself driving that Porsche, Mercedes, or whatever your favorite car is.  See yourself living in your dream home… in your most desirable location in the world.  See yourself achieving your life long dreams and ambitions.  And, if you will give yourself permission to take the action necessary to succeed, it will be so!

I’d like to leave you with the following diagram.  I learned this from Tony Robbins also.  I call it “The Circle of My Success.” 

My Secret of Online Business Success

My Secret of Online Business Success


Here’s the diagram in a nutshell: Absolute certainty leads to massive action which produces massive results and develops still stronger belief which reinforces absolute certainty and so forth and so on.

If you believe with all your heart, mind, soul and energy that you will succeed…  You will!

Get your head right!

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