Hey, Al here.  I’d like to thank you for visiting my site.  I’m a co-founder of Internet Domination Marketing and I developed this site to help others learn about Internet Marketing.

Al, Internet Marketer and Co-Founder

Al Internet Marketer and Co-Founder

Internet Marketing is something that is near and dear to my heart.  I think that it is one of the best ways for people like you and me to develop a business that no one can take away from you…  A business with virtually unlimited growth possiblities… A business that almost anyone of normal intellegence can use to make a full-time income that will support them and their family… without bosses, time-clocks and work rules… except what you put on yourself…

To be honest, I’ve been doing it for a bit over 4 years now and recently made the decision the go full-time.  I enjoy teaching and that is the flavor of this site… teaching you to succeed at starting your own internet marketing business.

A little bit about me:  I’m married and have been married to the same woman for over 40 years.  I have two grown sons and one grand daughter.  My wife and I live in N.E. Ohio and I have been an independent business man most of my adult life.

Have a question?  Send a quick email to alyarbrough@internetdominationmarketing.

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